Why choose one destination when you can have them all?

Make the glittering ocean your very own backyard with a stunning luxury yacht holiday. There’s certainly a good reason why a yacht holiday is a luxury desired by many but experienced by few; it is one of life’s great luxuries.

A-List Villas and Chalets is delighted to offer a range of luxurious yachts for our guests. Each of these state-of-the-art vessels is a masterclass in luxury living at sea, crafted to perfection offering every feature you could dream of.

With a luxury yacht, you can enjoy the stunning features of the most luxurious hotel or villa, while also enjoying the freedom and convenience of cruising the ocean. Sail through the Mediterranean, Aegean, or Balearics, dropping anchor at some of the world’s most beautiful locations. You can wake up every morning in a new corner of paradise.

We work with experienced and professional staff who conduct themselves with professionalism, discretion, and genuine service. You can simply sit back and enjoy the divine experience of sailing effortlessly over the ocean, all while the yacht is under the expert guidance of our experienced crew.

There is no doubt that a luxury yacht holiday is truly a dream come true, and an unforgettable experience that will surely last long after you step off of the vessel. It would be an absolute privilege for A-List Villas and Chalets to arrange this for you and ensure that your luxurious yacht holiday exceeds all expectations.

Please browse our yachts now or get in touch so that we can craft a wonderful holiday for you.

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Our Villas


From 120,000 eur / Week
6 Bedrooms
12 Guests
Year Refitted : 2017
42.70m - (140' 1") Lenght

E Motion

From 155,000 eur / Week
5 Bedrooms
10 Guests
Year Built : 2016
40.05m - (131' 5") Lenght


From 72,500 eur / Week
5 Bedrooms
10 Guests
Year Refitted : 2015
35.00m - (114' 10") Lenght

Deep Blue II

From 130,000 eur / Week
5 Bedrooms
10 Guests
Year Refitted : 2017
43.80m - (143' 8") Lenght


From 62000 eur / Week
4 Bedrooms
8 Guests
Year Built : 2016
31.71m - (104') Lenght

Christina G

From 80,000 eur / Week
5 Bedrooms
10 Guests
Year Built : 2010
33.56m - (110' 1") Lenght