Covid precautions

There is no denying that 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for many people around the world. Our thoughts are with all of those who have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

After such a challenging year, we know that many of our valued guests are looking forward to enjoying a relaxing break, to rest and recharge for a brighter future. We are pleased to offer these gateway holidays while ensuring that every precaution is taken to provide our guests’ safety and the needed peace of mind. These precautions and the well-being of all the partners and staff members we work with are our primary concerns.

To enable the offering of our famously fantastic luxury Villas & Chalets stays while also ensuring our guests’ health and safety, we have put together a detailed COVID plan. We have followed advice from leading health agencies, governments, and practitioners to formulate a strategy to ensure we can confidently offer luxe stays in our beautiful properties.

In our current environment, self-catered Villas and Chalets are an excellent option as, by nature, there is minimal person-to-person contact outside of your family group. As such, we have increased our self-catering options and have seen a strong interest in these properties.

We are also taking many additional steps to protect our cherished guests’ health and safety.

The precautions we are taking include:

  1. All our Villas & Chalets are being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected regularly. We have established cleaning checklists to ensure that every aspect of our properties gets the attention it requires.
  2. All shared areas of the Villas & Chalets s are being disinfected daily, with a strong focus on common touchpoints such as door handles.
  3. The whole Villa or Chalet is thoroughly disinfected and aired from top-to-bottom on changeover days between guests.
  4. Our A-List Villas & Chalets staff and partners have undertaken appropriate training in Covid safety measures, including proper hygiene measures.
  5. Staff is being monitored, with temperature checks taken at the beginning of each shift.
  6. We have generous supplies of personal protective equipment for staff, and they have been trained on how to use it properly.
  7. Hand sanitizer, gloves, and paper towels are readily available and utilized by staff on every shift.
  8. One dedicated staff member provides all grocery deliveries to our in-house chefs.

We understand that this is a challenging time for many people, and we want to ensure that our guests feel entirely confident in enjoying their well-deserved holiday. As such, we encourage our guests to speak to us about additional safety measures, such as limiting the number of support staff, and we will do our utmost to accommodate these.