You will truly be walking in the footsteps of history’s greats as you wander the cobblestones and alleyways of Rome, Italy’s enticing capital. If there was ever a city that blends the old and new, it is surely Rome – with its thousands of years of history layered upon each other to create an utterly sumptuous blend.

Rome has been at the forefront of culture for millennia, and it certainly shows. From the fashion powerhouses that have boutiques in the city, to the fabulous art galleries filled with humanity’s greatest treasures, it is almost unparalleled.

A key part of culture anywhere – and especially in Italy – is the gastronomy. And it certainly does not disappoint in Rome. The cuisine here is almost a religion, an experience to be savored and ideally shared with your nearest and dearest. Of course, sumptuous Italian wine is the perfect accompaniment to any flavourful local dish.

While much of life seems to progress at breakneck speed with a never-ending chorus of car horns, church bells, and impassioned conversation, there is also time to escape and relax. Hidden away alleyways offer respite from the city and charming amenities. Also, a surprisingly short drive will see you in the countryside, seemingly a world away from the hustle and bustle.

Whatever you seek, you are sure to find it in Rome. It’s no surprise that so many visitors flick a coin or several to Trevi Fountain so as to ensure their return to the city. After all, enchanting Rome is a place you could visit over and over and still discover new things with every glance.

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