Close Protection

After many years of working with our valued clients, we understand the importance of security and peace-of-mind. For this reason, we have carefully developed a network of professional close protection officers, who can provide security and peace of mind for you and your family.

The most common form of close protection is a bodyguard. By staying close to you and your family, s/he ensures your safety and security. The presence alone of a bodyguard can deter anyone with ill intentions. While they are also highly trained to be prepared to respond to any potential threats.

The close protection professionals that we work with are leaders in their industry. Their unique and extensive experience means that they respond perfectly to any emergency. Of course, it is highly unlikely such a response will be necessary. But it provides peace of mind to know it is available if needed.

These professionals are also discrete and sensitive, so as not to draw attention or cause any discomfort for you or your family. They are always all experienced in working with high profile and high net worth individuals and show proper etiquette.

In addition, their sensitive approach means you can simply enjoy your wonderful holiday time with your family. Although you will have the peace of mind of knowing that there is always covert protection available, their discrete approach will mean your holiday fills with amazing memories.

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other services

Concierge Services

The work of concierge services begins long before you arrive at your beautiful A-List Villa or Chalet. They will ensure that everything is finalized and ready long before you arrive at the villa, ensuring a seamless start to your holiday.

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Entertainment Service

We are absolutely sure that no matter your requirements or the event, we will craft something that you and your guests will never forget.

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Personal Trainer

A-list Luxury Villas & Chalets offers the services of a Personal Trainer. These professionals help guests achieve their fitness and health goals through motivation and by developing customized exercise and nutritional programs. Our qualified certified trainers will show you how to add a new level of vitality as you balance the deserved indulgences and pleasures of life. From intensive exercise to tranquil Zen yoga our trainers will meet your expectations while you exceed your own. Ask about including a Personal Trainer during your stay and feel the power of positive change.

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