Shopping in Courchevel

Shopping on your vacation in Courchevel is more of a prerequisite than a treat. Taking some time off the slopes to rejoice in the comfort of high-end ski Chalets is no doubt a dream come true yet. Nothing beats the joy of shopping, collecting a few designer labels and souvenirs for remembrance.

Shopping in Courchevel

Away from the labels, designers’ shops, and brand names, every visitor penciling down France in their travel journey look forward to discovering the signature delectable markets, delicious patisseries, and succulent wines.

Artisan market

Once a week, a small market held in 1850 and 1650 has around 20 stalls of regional artisans displaying handmade art, clothing, jewelry, meat, cheeses, and local produce ready to be enjoyed. Walking through the market is a unique experience. In fact, the vendors passionately and theatrically demonstrate why their merchandise is unique and rare.

Jewelry & Watches

Doux Joaillier

Doux Joaillier is the Chaumet retailer who carries a large selection of top of the line watches and jewelry in the heart of Courchevel 1850. It is located next to the office of tourism. This shop welcomes you to discover classic timepieces from Cartier, Rolex, Breitling, and Mont Blanc. They carry designer jewelry from The London Jeweler known for their British style, glamorous settings, and the finest gemstones.



Doux Joaillier also carries Shamballa jewels. It is a creative concept embedded within ancient Eastern Art and Nordic design philosophy. The collection was brought by two Danish brothers Mads and Mikkel Kornerup.They both wanted to express the spiritual path exhaled from the mythical Shamballa kingdom, into a beautiful and profound collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Shamballa jewelers then aim to stabilize the world with a unique experience that goes much beyond simple luxury.



Fashion Brands

Courchevel 1850 has an array of elite boutiques that line up in the heart of the city center.

Louis Vuitton

Your first stop is the French house Louis Vuitton store. There you will privately have a front seat to the latest collection of luxury handbags, shoes, luggage, accessories, and much more. For the Louis Vuitton Collectors, this is a store you will want to spend your away time from the slopes and cash in.

Elie Saab

Elie Saab opens its yearly pop-up store during the winter season to display haute couture evening gowns and prêt-à-porter outfits. Ideally located in the heart of the resort of Courchevel 1850, affluent visitors are captivated by their window display enticing countless shopping sprees for their festive party.


L ’Atelier comes at the top of the chart for your trusted expert equipment guide and superior quality snow outfit store. Located in the exclusive Jetsetter’s altitude Village 1850, L ‘Atelier is where you’ll shop for the perfect skis, snowboards, fitting boots. But also everything else you may require before hitting the slopes.

Le Cheval Blanc

Le Cheval Blanc has manufactured a limited special edition exhibiting quality and finesse with the successful collaboration of the Suisse pioneer in the action board Nidecker. They have thus created an innovative design snowboard, stamped with the signature color of the luxury hotel chain.

In addition, for those who want a private shopping experience, Le Cheval Blanc privately arranges an exclusive time for swanky guests, wanting a solely dedicated expert to fulfill their spending needs.

Rue du Rocher

The main road in Courchevel is indubitably shoppers’ heaven. This is your Bond street, London and Upper 5th avenue New York sister place. Shoppers will indulge in Fendi, Dior, Alexander McQueen, and many more.



Bernard Orcel

Bernard Orcel is an exclusive boutique where fashion, mountains, and Ski collide in a true tradition of extravagance. This multi-brand luxury shop carries a large variety of clothing and accessories. They go from casual wear to high-end ski attire. Thus, you will find big brands like Dior, Burberry, Fendi, and a great selection of shoes, scarfs, and a designer’s hat from Giuseppe Zanoti, Simonetta Ravizza, and much more. At Bernard Orcel, there is truly something for everyone.


Blu & Berry is a family store with expertise in creativity and luxury. The shop carries over 30 brands filling their showroom with chic, and stylish items that draw in guests daily. Moreover, the front display window is eye-catching and inviting.

Eric Bompard

Cashmere items are timeless, sophisticated, and essential for any Fashionista’s closet. Eric Bompard is a cashmere specialist and a must stop boutique. Mongolian wool is used with traditional knitting to create sweaters, tops, scarfs, and hats. In cold Courchevel 1850, Cashmere comes as the top choice for daily wear. Its warmth, durability, and softness are worth the high asking price. Make it a tradition to stop at Eric Bompard. Pamper your family and friends with a special gift guaranteed to be appreciated.


You will find sporting stores and boutiques peppered throughout Courchevel. Most of them have, for all ages, a large selection of brands and products to choose from, to complete your ski vacation.


This is a store that carries international brands to the diverse group of upscale visitors coming to Courchevel year after year. They cover all your winter sporting needs with a variety of items from Ugg, Puma, Teva, New Balance, and Polar. Furthermore, you can rent your ski or snowboard gear on-site and be served by a team of friendly professionals who will equip and walk you out with a smile.


Fulsap is a fashion Skiwear house and French elegance joined forces to create trendy clothing and lifestyle collection. The boutique in Courchevel 1850 opened its door a year ago and vows to keep a feminine collection based on artistic silhouette canvas. Therefore, it is bringing curves to fashion. They also offer selective pieces for men, women, and kids, varying from ski suits, jackets, pants, winter shoes and much more.

Boulangerie & Patisserie

Bakery Pain d’Antan is the oldest boulangerie in Courchevel. They create daily traditional French bread and authentic French desserts. You will find various topping tartes, forêt noire, Opéra cake, eclairs, mille-feuille and much more, in a beautiful display arrangement. In addition, the bakery offers a home delivery service for all special events.

Piste Noire Chocolaterie

Piste Noire Courchevel is an artisanal chocolate store where they’ve mastered the creation of delicious homemade, organic and authentic chocolate treats. The shop offers subtle aromas with deep flavors and pure textures. This chocolate mill is located at the heart of Courchevel 1850 and open to the public daily.



Wine Store

For exclusive wine selection, Le Baricou is amongst the best spots devoted to wine lovers in Courchevel. In fact, you will find an extended list of 1500 different types of wines, champagne, and other fine liquor. The staff is knowledgeable and ready to suggest options to suit your palate, meal, and gathering. In addition, Le Baricou offers free delivery to any location of Courchevel resort.

Specialty store

All the way through the Three Valleys, there is a family-owned, homemade, catered meal store called Farto. This is a specialty store that carries soups, jams, chocolates, cheeses, and remains open throughout the year.

Most of the shops have the same operational hours. Therefore, make sure you set aside some time and a lot of cash to see what Courchevel has to offer.

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